Automate Kubernetes Cluster Using Ansible

  • We need to launch a MySQL pod with the image “mysql:5.7
  • While launching mysql pod we have to provide following environment variable.
  • — env=MYSQL_USER=
  • Above env variables are used to create a database. Next, we have to launch Wordpress pod.
  • Launch Wordpress pod with appropriate image “wordpress:5.1.1-php7.3-apache”.
  • Now, expose the wordpress pod with type NodePort.
  • Connect to the Wordpress site at proper port and provide the database details and the wordpress site will be launched.
  1. Create a role. Eg: wpSQL
ansible-galaxy init wpSQL
- name: delete everything
shell: kubectl delete all --all- name: creating mysql database pod
shell: kubectl run "{{ db_pod_name }}" --image=mysql:5.7 --env=MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=secretpassword --env=MYSQL_DATABASE=db1 --env=MYSQL_USER=tirth --env=MYSQL_PASSWORD=secretpassword- name: creating wordpress pod
shell: kubectl run "{{ wp_pod_name }}" --image=wordpress:5.1.1-php7.3-apache
- name: waiting for IP to comeup
seconds: 60- name: getting mysql database IP
shell: kubectl get pods -o wide
register: podsIP- name: expose wordpress pod
shell: kubectl expose pods {{ wp_pod_name }} --type=NodePort --port=80- name: get service
shell: kubectl get svc
register: service- name: printing exposed service
var: service.stdout_lines- name: printing pods IP
var: podsIP.stdout_lines
- hosts: ["tag_Name_k8s_Master"]
- name: configure wordpress and mysql database and expose wordpress
role: /root/k8s_wp_sql_play/wpSQL/





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Durgesh Kumar Patel

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